December 27, 2003

Notes: Books and Articles Read: Through December 27, 2003

Books and Articles Read Through December 27, 2003

Lars Svennson (2003), "Optimal Policy with Low-Probability Extreme Events" (Cambridge: NBER Working Paper 10196).

Benjamin Friedman (2003), "The LM Curve: A Not-So-Fond Farewell" (Cambridge: NBER Working Paper 10123).

Andrei Shleifer and Daniel Triesman (2003), "A Normal Country" (Cambridge: NBER Working Paper 10057).

Martin Gardner (1983), The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener (New York: Norton: 0312206828).

Martin Gardner (1996), The Night Is Large (New York: Norton: 0312169493).

Martin Gardner (2001), The Colossal Book of Mathematics (New York: Norton: 0393020231).

John Gardner (1977), The Life and Times of Chaucer (New York: Vintage: 039472500X).

Tariq Ali (1985), The Nehrus and the Gandhis: An Indian Dynasty (London: Picador: 0330289853).

Steven Saylor (1992), Arms of Nemesis (New York: Ballentine: 0804111278).

Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind (2003), The Smartest Guys in the Room: The Amazing Rise and Fall of ENRON (New York: Penguin: 1591840082).

Lucien Bebchuck (2003), "Why Firms Adopt Antitakeover Arrangements" (Cambridge: NBER Working Paper 10190).

Robert Shiller (2003), "The Invention of Inflation-Indexed Bonds in Early America" (Cambridge: NBER Working Paper 10183).

Edward Glaeser (2003), "Reinventing Boston: 1640-2003" (Cambridge: NBER Working Paper 10166).

Paul Berman (2003), Terror and Liberalism (New York: Norton: 0393057755).

G.E.M. de Ste. Croix (1981), The Class Struggle in the Ancient Greek World (Ithaca: Cornell University Press)

Henry David Thoreau (1859), A Plea for Captain John Brown (Project Gutenberg: Etext #2567).

Clement Juglar and DeCourcey Thom (1915), A Brief History of Panics in the United States, Considered with Special Reference to American Banks, 3rd Edition (Project Gutenberg: Etext # 7361).

Thomas Sargent and Francois Velde (2002), The Big Problem of Small Change (Princeton: Princeton University Press: 0691029326).

Stephan Grundy (1994), Rhinegold (New York: Bantam: 0553095455: 1994).

Lois McMaster Bujold (1996), Memory (Fictionwise).

Lois McMaster Bujold (1994), Mirror Dance (Fictionwise).

Lois McMaster Bujold (1999), Komarr (Fictionwise).

David Altig, Alan J. Auerbach, Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Kent A. Smetters, and Jan Walliser (2001),"Simulating Fundamental Tax Reform in the United States," American Economic Review 91:3 (June), pp. 574-95.

Daniel Altman (2003), "Accounts Chock-Full or Plan Half Empty," New York Times (February 1).

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Eric M. Engen, William G. Gale, and John Karl Scholz (1996), "The Illusory Effect of Saving Incentives on Saving," Journal of Economic Perspectives 10:4 (Fall), pp. 113-38.

William Gale and Peter Orszag (2003), "Private Pensions: Issues and Options," in Henry J. Aaron, James Lindsay, and Pietro Nivola, eds., Agenda for the Nation (Washington: Brookings Institution).

Desmond Seward (1978), The Hundred Years War (New York: Atheneum: 0689706286), pp. 84-5:

James M. Poterba, Steven F. Venti, and David A. Wise (1996), "How Retirement Programs Increase Savings," Journal of Economic Perspectives 10:4 (Fall), pp. 91-112.

James Vanderhei (2003), "GOP Not Backing Savings Changes; Bush Plan Won't Pass, Leaders Say," Washington Post (February 7), p. A1.

Leonard E. Burman, William G. Gale, and Peter R. Orszag (2003), "The Administration's Savings Proposals: Preliminary Analysis" (Washington: Tax Policy Center: March).

Christina Romer and David Romer (2003), "Choosing the Federal Reserve Chair: Lessons from History" (Cambridge: NBER Working Paper 10161).

Romain Wacziarg and Karen Horn Welch (2003), "Trade Liberalization and Growth: New Evidence" (Cambridge: NBER Working Paper 10152).

Edward Glaeser, Joseph Gyourko, and Raven Saks (2003), "Why Is Manhattan So Expensive?: Regulation and the Rise in Housing Prices" (Cambridge: NBER Working Paper 10124).

Orazio P. Attanasio and Thomas C. DeLeire (1994), "IRAs and Household Saving Revisited: Some New Evidence" (Cambridge: NBER Working Paper 4900, October).

Peter Brown (1971), The World of Late Antiquity (New York: Norton: 0393958035).

Bruce Smith (1994), The Emergence of Agriculture (New York: W.H. Freeman & Co.: 0716750554).

Doug Henwood (2003), After the New Economy (New York: New Press: 1565847709).

Michael Mann (2003), Incoherent Empire (London: Verso: 1859845827).

Roger Zelazny (1967), Lord of Light (New York: Eos: 0380014033).

Robert Rubin and Jacob Weisberg (2003), In an Uncertain World: Tough Choices from Wall Street to Wshington (New York: Random House: 0375505857).

Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz (2003), "Prediction Markets" (Stanford: Stanford University xerox).

Steven Sheffrin (2003), "State Deficit Dynamics and the California Budget Debacle" (David: University of California at Davis xerox).

John Cochrane, Francis Longstaff, and Pedro Santa-Clara (2003), "Asset Price Dynamics Induced by Market Clearing" (Cambridge: NBER Working Paper 10116).

Jeffrey Frankel (2003), "The Environment and Globalization" (Cambridge: NBER Working Paper 10090).

Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz (2003), "Mass Secondary Schooling and the State" (Cambridge: NBER Working Paper 10075).

Michelle J. White (2003), "Is Asbestos the Future of Mass Torts?" (La Jolla: University of California at San Diego xerox).

Jose Ocampo (2003), "Latin America's Growth and Equity Frustrations During Structural Reforms" ().

Alan Taylor and Mark Taylor (2003), "The Purchasing Power Parity Debate" (Davis: U.C. Davis xerox).

Timur Kuran (2003), "Why the Middle East Is Economically Underdeveloped: Historical Mechanisms of Institutional Stagnation" (Los Angeles: UCLA xerox).

Irving Stone (1965), Those Who Love: A Biographical Novel of Abigail and John Adams (New York: New American Library).

Patricia Crone (1980), Slaves on Horses: The Evolution of the Islamic Polity (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 0521229618).

Patricia Crone and William Cook (1977), Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 0521297540).

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For interested readers, the Timur Kuran paper mentioned above can be found at the Mercatus Center's Global Prosperity Initiative website:

It's a good paper. Goldstone's comments are interesting, too.

Posted by: Will Wilkinson on December 27, 2003 09:34 PM


1. You forgot "Personal Fulfillment The No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em Way" (Las Vegas: Fourth Street Press).

2. This list is even longer than my "Books Referenced In Conversation But Never Actually Read" list. Kudos to you and your team.

Posted by: Chris Marcil on December 27, 2003 11:12 PM


And he actually gets *paid* to do this!

Posted by: Kimon on December 28, 2003 02:18 AM


Is this blog sponsored by

Posted by: PJ on December 28, 2003 09:21 AM


>>And he actually gets *paid* to do this!<<

I know. It is remarkable...

Posted by: Brad DeLong on December 28, 2003 11:05 AM


I assume the John Gaqrdner who wrote on Chaucer is the John Gardner of "Grendel" and those New England pastorals? "The Sunlight Dialogues" I think was his hippy masterpiece as "Lord of Light" was Zelazny's.

Posted by: dave heasman on December 29, 2003 06:34 AM


I assume the John Gaqrdner who wrote on Chaucer is the John Gardner of "Grendel" and those New England pastorals? "The Sunlight Dialogues" I think was his hippy masterpiece as "Lord of Light" was Zelazny's.

Posted by: dave heasman on December 29, 2003 06:37 AM


Working your way through Bujold? "A Civil Campaign" is wonderful; "Diplomatic Immunity" reads like she didn't put as much effort into it as into its predeccessors, not that its exactly bad . . .

Posted by: rea on December 29, 2003 09:21 AM


Aren't you afraid your head will explode if you read both Lois McMaster Bujold and Roger Zelazny during the same month?

Posted by: Daniel Hatch on December 29, 2003 10:09 AM


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