August 07, 2002
The "Liberal" New York Times?

Paul Krugman meditates on why people like Andrew Sullivan and Mickey Kaus write about "the liberal, Bush-hating New York Times" but never about "the liberal, Bush-hating USA Today" or "the liberal, Bush-hating Financial Times" or "the liberal, Bush-hating Wall Street Journal". Paul thinks it is because the New York Times has long been a hated part of the liberal establishment. I disagree. I think it is because Andrew Sullivan has decided to punish the New York Times for not publishing his stuff--and that the rest of the claque has fallen into line. THE LIBERAL NEW YORK TIMES For my sins, I now read four newspapers every morning. And I find myself with a puzzle. You see, we hear constantly about the liberal bias of the Times. Yet questions of factual accuracy aside, is the Times notably liberal, or notably anti-Bush, compared with other papers? Of the papers I read, I'd say that the tone of reporting is most hostile to the Bush administration in the Financial Times. Well, OK, that's a British paper, and even conservative British papers like the Times are far more critical of Bush than any major US paper. (Though what does that tell us?) But the...

Posted by DeLong at 07:13 PM