March 28, 2003
Paul Krugman Congratulates Himself

Paul Krugman says "I told you so" about Richard Cheney and the California energy crisis. He's right. He told us so. Richard Cheney and company (including all the reporters who trusted them) were 100% wrong. I don't have an informed view about whether on this issue the Bush Administration was wrong through ignorance or malevolence, but wrong they were. Delusions of Power March 28, 2003 By PAUL KRUGMAN hey considered themselves tough-minded realists, and regarded doubters as fuzzy-minded whiners. They silenced those who questioned their premises, even though the skeptics included many of the government's own analysts. They were supremely confident ? and yet with shocking speed everything they had said was proved awesomely wrong. No, I'm not talking about the war; I'm talking about the energy task force that Dick Cheney led back in 2001. Yet there are some disturbing parallels. Right now, pundits are wondering how Mr. Cheney ? who confidently predicted that our soldiers would be "greeted as liberators" ? could have been so mistaken. But a devastating new report on the California energy crisis reminds us that Mr. Cheney has been equally confident, and equally wrong, about other issues. In spring 2001 the lights were going...

Posted by DeLong at 03:09 PM