August 16, 2002
Making Book

I am, at long last, reading Teresa Nielsen Hayden's Making Book. It's very good. It's highly recommended. It is even better than I would have expected had I expected it to be better than I expected it to be. Two highlights: ...Joe Student, proud holder of a substantial financial aid award, preregisters for fall classes and then, let's say, moves without filing a change of address. One of his classes is full, so Registration's computer doesn't list him as taking it. Financial Aid's computer notices his subminimal course load and places a temporary stop-payment on his student aid. Meanwhile Joe Student, unaware of the interesting stack of notices piling up at his former address, goes on in the serene belief that his aid has paid his tuition. The tuition deadline passes. Admissions' computer notices this unpaid tuition and tells Registration's computer to cancel all his classes. The Financial Aid computer, finding that the student's courseload has now dropped below half-time, cancels his whole award. One day Joe Student realizes that he hasn't gotten any mail in weeks and looks in at his previous address. The four pieces of correspondence on top of the stack are a letter from Registration telling...

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July 05, 2002
Teresa Nielsen Hayden Reminds Us of Some of the Classic Websites

Teresa Nielsen Hayden performs an act of collective memory and reminds us of some of the classic hilarious websites. My favorite is the incandescent pickle... Making Light: July 2002 Archives | A while back, I referred to quicktime movies of water balloons being popped in freefall as "The greatest footage since the LOX barbecue and the exploding whale." I promptly got mail asking what LOX barbecue? And what exploding whale? Well, okay. Feels weird, but I can do that. Won't take but a minute. I'll throw in some other golden oldies while I'm at it......

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