June 21, 2002
What Does Advertising Do? A View From the Sideshow

When you think that advertising drives all of network television, a large component of cable television, all of radio, and a large chunk of print publishing--that a large chunk of our economy is run on a jury-rigged fashion because the only commodity actually paid for is the provision of eyeballs to advertisers--you start to think that we should pay more attention to the adds we watch. How much attention do we pay? Avedon Carol of The Sideshow has a view: | The Sideshow | ...I can't remember a single advertisement I saw all week. It doesn't matter whether I'm watching Buffy (which is full of innuendo and violence, with occasional sightings of skin &etc.) or a cooking show (although some might argue that that's sex, too), I don't remember the ads. Sometimes I may remember seeing an ad, but I don't remember what show I was watching at the time. Mostly, I remember ads when I am standing in front of the shampoo rack at SuperDrug and I see all these highly-promoted shampoos and remember that that's the one with the phony "scientific" spiel that goes along with the animation, and that's the one where the model's hair seems to...

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May 07, 2002
Free Pants!

"Free pants!" I say, coming into the bedroom, waving them around. "Yes, dear," says Ann Marie.

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