September 10, 2002

Deflation Nation - Could falling prices send the U.S. into a Japanese-style recession? By Robert Shapiro: "...Now, mainstream economists like MIT's Paul Krugman and Stanford's Bradford DeLong..." Nooo!!!! Stanford? Berkeley! Berkeley!! BERKELEY!!!!! BERKELEY!!!!!!!! BERKELEY!!!!!!!!!!...

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September 08, 2002
Six Degrees of Paul Krugman

Peter Passell writes about his twelve favorite economics websites. From the Milken Review that he edits: paul krugman | | Unofficial Everyone, it seems, either loves Paul Krugman, or loves to hate him. One reason is that he gets amazing exposure through his Op-Ed column in The New York Times. Another is that he writes better than any economist since Keynes. Yet a third is that he doesn’t suffer fools (or knaves) easily – which often makes his opinion pieces a gas to read. His own Web site contains a sampling of his work, including some striking analytic pieces. But his unofficial site, run by Krugman groupies, is a whole lot more complete, and a whole lot more fun. It includes a lot of material about Krugman as well as stuff by him. xavier sala-i-martin | Some economists are smart. A few are funny. A very few, including Columbia University’s Xavier Sala-i-Martin are smart and funny. Who else, after all, would grace his home page with a picture of Miss Piggy in her pigs-in-space getup, and a pair of floating eyeballs that follow your cursor around the site? Check out the picture of his favorite supermodel. Or...

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