February 12, 2003
Things Are Worse Than You Can Imagine

Things are worse than you can imagine, even after you think you have already taken account of the fact that things are worse than you can imagine. Patrick Nielsen Hayden learns that the Archdiocese of Boston was not the worst Catholic diocese in the country, and is driven berserk in rage and horror... What about the boy? ...this fascinating story in today's New York Times... [Rockville Centre is the Catholic diocese just east of Brooklyn and Queens, composed of Nassau and Suffolk Counties.] A grand jury's assertion that the Diocese of Rockville Centre secretly battled to protect priests while pretending to extend a pastoral hand to sexual abuse victims goes beyond anything seen since the scandal in the Roman Catholic Church erupted a year ago, victims of abuse and their advocates said yesterday. [...] While masquerading as sympathetic listeners, the officials were actually doing everything they could to fend off dozens of victims, keep their charges quiet and keep abusive priests in the ministry, the grand jury said in the report, which was released on Monday. "I have not frankly seen a team that is so sinister and dedicated to the purpose like this," said one lawyer, Jeffrey Anderson, who...

Posted by DeLong at 08:00 AM