October 20, 2003
More Mirrors of Wildernesses

Tom Maguire is spinning unlikely theories about the VPW affair in this this and nearby posts. His theories are unlikely. But I am becoming convinced that all theories are unlikely. Why does Ashcroft want to taint the investigation so that if it fails he'll be thought to have taken a dive? Why does Bush want to have a White House staff whom the intelligence community loathes--rather than clean his own house? Why was the White House so confident it would find WMDs in Iraq--so confident up until a month ago--when it had no hard intelligence at all? I mean, total complete idiocy and comprehensive craven corruption can't be the underlying story, can it?...

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February 13, 2003
The Latest "Osama bin Laden" Tape

From Mark Kleiman: Mark A. R. Kleiman: HUH?Need some more help here, folks.1. A tape appears that seems to have Osama bin Laden's voice on it. [Transcript here. As far as I can tell, no American news outlet decided to print or post the full transcript, as opposed to soundbites.] Update: a reader points out that the Bush Administration formally asked the American media to censor al-Qaeda communications more than a year ago. Another reader is upset that I switched the link to the BBC from my earlier reference to World Nuts Daily. WND apparently copied it from the Beeb.2. The voice on the tape says the following:We also stress to honest Muslims that they should move, incite, and mobilize the [Islamic] nation, amid such grave events and hot atmosphere so as to liberate themselves from those unjust and renegade ruling regimes, which are enslaved by the United States. They should also do so to establish the rule of God on earth. The most qualified regions for liberation are Jordan, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, the land of the two holy mosques [Saudi Arabia], and Yemen. Needless to say, this crusade war is primarily targeted against the people of Islam. Regardless of...

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