June 20, 2002
Is UNIX the Answer for Office Workers?: It Can Be

Arnold Kling doesn't like UNIX-for-desktops, and criticizes Eric Raymond for thinking that UNIX is the answer to anything--including "version fatigue", the sense of exhaustion that comes from having to learn new things about user interfaces and system customization with each new upgrade of each new program. Unsatisfied with the fact that each new Microsoft system and application version is just incompatible enough with your previous version to make it both annoying and inefficient to have to learn the differences and also more annoying and more inefficient to remain one version behind everyone else? use UNIX, says Raymond. And Arnold Kling is not happy with this proposal: Let's go to the videotape: Here's Arnold: Corante: The Bottom Line - The economics of information technology. Command Line Bigots--An article called "Version Fatigue" by Instapundit drew this response from Eric Raymond: I have been using the same text editor since 1982. I have been using the same command-line shell since 1985, and the same operating system since 1993. But that last date is actually misleading, because I still get use out of programs I wrote for the previous dialect of my OS as far back as 1982, without ever having had to alter...

Posted by DeLong at 07:07 AM