July 03, 2002
A Matter of Economics

Two San Francisco Chronicle reporters investigate why there are no good, cheap, fresh fish restaurants next to the Pacific Ocean near San Francisco. The answer, I think, is a matter of economics: fish is too expensive for the fish shack concept to be profitable. On the east coast, a fish shack restaurant can still make a good profit. But once you charge as much as you would need on the west coast to cover your costs, consumers start demanding not wooden benches and plastic tablecloths but yuppie surroundings, and so on the west coast you are better off buying the fresh fish in the supermarket and cooking it at home than looking for a fish shack. | Shacking up / Two intrepid diners search the coast for the best seafood on stilts | Tori Ritchie, Sam WhitingWednesday, July 3, 2002 San Francisco Chronicle. It is a Bay Area restaurant axiom that the closer you get to the water, the worse the seafood. Despite 100 miles of coastline (not to mention bays) between Point Reyes and Santa Cruz, it is next to impossible to find what is taken for granted on the Eastern seaboard -- the fish shack. An ideal fish...

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