September 22, 2003
A Happy Camper

Paul Krugman is a happy camper: You like me! You really like me!: FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES: September 28, 2003: Hardcover Nonfiction.... [Rank:] 4 THE GREAT UNRAVELING, by Paul Krugman. (Norton, $25.95.) A volume of essays, most from The New York Times, that are "mainly about economic disappointment, bad leadership and the lies of the powerful".... Andrew Sullivan will tell you that its analysis of Bush Administration economic policy is 100% sound and correct. David Brooks will tell you that its analysis of the mendacity of the Bush Administration is 100% correct. Plus you learn a lot about economics and the economy. And you get to watch Paul Krugman wage intellectual thermonuclear war against everybody who excites his ire. Highly, highly recommended....

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February 11, 2003
Andrew Sullivan Admits Paul Krugman Was Right All Along

If Paul Krugman had written this, I would have said that it is a little harsh and over-the-top. But it's from Andrew Sullivan, who has finally woken up to the fact that Paul Krugman has been right all the time in his harsh judgments of Bush Administration economic policy: - Daily Dish: ...BUSH'S ACHILLES HEEL: It's the economy, smarty-pants... the explosive rate of current government spending... the president's utter insouciance about how to pay for it... his latest budget removes any [excuse for giving him the benefit of the doubt]... worse than Reagan... ratcheting up discretionary spending... no signs whatever of adjusting to meet the hole he and the Republican Congress are putting in the national debt... illiterate flimflam.... But as the tables in the budget also showed, the tax cuts have also contributed significantly to the deficit - and they've barely taken effect yet... staggered that the budget does not contain any mention of the looming war. I guess you could make a semantic point about its not being inevitable - but not even as a possible contingency? Is that how an ordinary citizen plans his own budget?... an awful legacy in the making. In the first three...

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