January 08, 2004
Don't Apologize

The extremely thoughtful Decembrist--former Bill Bradley senior aide Mark Schmitt--almost seems to apologize for Bradley's 2000 presidential primary campaign against Al Gore: The Decembrist: The Bradley Endorsement: One of the problems all along in 2000 was that Bradley and Gore didn't have very sharp differences on issues, even on issues such as trade on which there are very different views within the party. That's part of what made their competition much nastier and petty-seeming than it might have been otherwise. Also, Bradley was really running against the tone, style, and what he saw as the missed opportunities of the Clinton administration, the strategic triangulation, the bite-sized policies, the compromised fundraising, and to a small degree, the personal scandals. Gore wore the legacy of the Clinton administration quite uncomfortably, and I have always believed that that discomfort, together with his general discomfort in public life, brought out some of his viciousness in 2000... Don't apologize. I have never met anyone, anywhere, anytime, who can make an even half-convincing argument that Al Gore would make a better president than Bill Bradley. Mark goes on: Since then, a huge gulf has emerged between Gore and Clinton, which now puts Gore, Bradley, and Dean...

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July 03, 2002
Senator John Edwards

Well, he's not an unknown southern governor--and it has been thirty years since the a majority of the voters chose... let me be more precise: since a majority of the presidential electoral college voted for someone who was not (a) an incumbent, (b) a sitting vice president, or (c) a largely unknown southern governor or ex-governor. But he is the next best thing: he's a largely unknown southern senator. And he's thus the Democrats' best hope for getting the most votes in the election... ahem, getting a majority of the electoral college to vote for a Democrat come November of 2004. Meet Senator John Edwards, D-NC. John Edwards's New American Optimists...

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