July 03, 2002
Ah. I Had Forgotten Some of These

Max Sawicky thinks it is time to provide a "Republican Hypocrisy Check." Here is the first installation of his checklist. Weblog Entry - 07/03/2002: "REPUBLICAN HYPOCRISY CHECK" REPUBLICAN HYPOCRISY CHECK. Let's review the bidding on this, shall we? The topic is "episodes where the Right fails to criticize its own on the same basis it criticizes Democrats in general, and Bill Clinton in particular. The Chinese knock-down of a U.S. aircraft over international waters, the subsequent imprisonment of U.S. military personnel, and the return of the plane in cardboard boxes. Manipulation of its management of national security for political purposes (the useless alerts, the handling of the 'dirty bomb' arrest, in contrast to criticism of the Clinton Administration in Somalia and the Sudan). Wild-ass statements by such deep thinkers as Ann Coulter, Cal Thomas, Jerry Falwell, & Pat Robertson. Refusal to surrender records of energy task force meetings (in contrast to demands with regard to the Hillary health care task force). Baldfaced lies about deficit policy, not only the 'trifecta' fiasco, but more so with regard to the Social Security Trust Fund surpluses (to the effect that Bush's tax cuts would not impact the surpluses). "Raiding" the Social Security Trust...

Posted by DeLong at 09:44 AM