July 28, 2003
Raita: Recipes

Raita. We'll be making a lot of this now that the Ten-Year-Old has decided to be vegetarian: Cooking with BJ - Recipe Detail: 300 grams yogurt; 1\4  cup milk; 1\2   small cucumber, chopped; 1   small tomato, diced; 1\2   small onion, chopped; 1\4   teaspoon black pepper, freshly ground; 1   teaspoon salt; 1\2   teaspoon white zeera seeds (cumin seeds); 4-5    - mint leaves chopped; 1-2    - hot green chilli fine chopped. How to Cook: Pour milk into yogurt and stir with a fork to make thick creamy paste. Now add all other ingredients....

Posted by DeLong at 11:52 AM