April 17, 2003
Has Mickey Kaus Gone Mad?

Well, this certainly wakes one up in the morning: Kausfiles: ...Among the lessons the twentieth century teaches us, one is surely that assassinations work -- maybe not in the long-term (centuries), but in the medium term (decades). You're not supposed to say this. It's a bit like admitting that most great popular music is made on drugs. But Oswald, Sirhan, Ray, Amir, van der Graaf -- name five other men who have done more to alter the course of history (for better or, in this [van der Graaf's] case, worse) in their lifetimes. Which one (or more) of these assassinations does Mickey Kaus think was "for better"? Oswald's assassination of John F. Kennedy? Sirhan's assassination of Robert Kennedy? Ray's assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.? Amir's assassination of Yitzhak Rabin? People with views are welcome to express them... Update: Patrick Sullivan has convinced me that the antecedent of "this case" is all five assassinations, not van der Graaf's assassination alone, and that Kaus suffers not from pure dementia but from a number agreement problem......

Posted by DeLong at 11:53 AM