November 13, 2003
Econ 101b: Fall 2003: Second Midterm Grades

Median scores on questions for the Econ 101b Second Midterm Exam: Flexible-Price Model and Flow of Funds: 19.3 out of 25. Sticky-Price Model and Aggregate Demand: 20.3 out of 25. Inflation, Unemployment, and the Phillips Curve: 11.6 out of 25. The Federal Reserve and Stabilization Policy:16.2 out of 25. This has powerful implications for the grades. This means that the Professor DeLong who taught the sticky price module gets an A, the Professor DeLong who taught the flexible price module gets an A-, the Professor DeLong who taught the stabilization policy module gets a B... ... and the Professor DeLong who taught the Phillips curve module gets a D. Now I need to figure out if I need to take one of my five remaining lectures and use it to do a Phillips curve review and summary--because I clearly did a very lousy job at teaching during those two and a half weeks. *Sigh.* And I only have five classes left. And I already have eight classes' worth of stuff I would like to cover. On the other hand, I've already done 37.5 classroom hours for this course (and Rui Pedro Esteves has done 23). That 60.5 in-class contact hours...

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October 05, 2003
Econ 101b: Fall 2003: Answers to First Midterm

Answers to first midterm....

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