January 13, 2004

"Overly Hasty" Investigation of Paul O'Neill?

It looks like the Treasury Department's Inspector General's investigation into Paul O'Neill for mishandling classified information is... overly hasty. Ron Suskind reports that Paul O'Neill did not take any documents with him when he left the Treasury--the documents were all sent to him by the Treasury Department after he had resigned from the government:

p. viii: In March [2003], [Paul] O'Neill approached his former colleagues at the Treasury Department for... copies of every document that had crossed his desk. One day... he passed me a few unopened CD-ROMs. "This is what they gave me," he said... nineteen thousand documents... image files, meaning every document sent to O'Neill was xeroxed...

Did the Bush administration read the preface to Suskind's book before deciding to unleash their dogs?

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