June 01, 2004

The Nieman Watchdog

Barry Susman and Dan Froomkin are trying to fix American journalism--to suggest to reporters how they could do more real, useful, informative reporting, rather than a combination of "balanced" "he said-she said" stories that fail to inform and confuse readers mixed with obsequious dreck.

It's a Sisyphean task. I wish them well.

Discourse.net: Neiman Watchdog Says, "Ask This": Nieman Watchdog is a new web-based project devoted to questions the press should ask. It’s run by Barry Susman, assisted by my brother (who will be doing this in addition to his White House Briefing gig). As you’d expect with anything supported by the Nieman Foundation, it boasts a star-studded (if Ivy-heavy) list of contributors …one of whom I’m happy to see is Brad DeLong.

Check out the list of questions the Neiman Watchdog thinks reporters should be asking.

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Pursuant my paranoid duties, I have to say that I believe that the worst problems are the result of management interference. Hiring, promotion, story placement, etc., are tendentious, and underlings learn which way the wind is blowing. It isn't pure right wing bias, though that's the tendency, but there are all kinds of little axes to grind, for example those which are the result of media ownership by diversified financial groups with lots of specific interests.

In the case of Fox it's obvious, but I think that there are damaging aspects of this in most of the big media.

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