August 19, 2004

James Surowiecki (2004), The Wisdom of Crowds

I never wrote my review of James Surowiecki (2004), The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies, and Nations (New York: Doubleday: 0385503865).

So let me refer you to Daniel Davies's review instead:

Crooked Timber: The Wisdom of Sticks : Finally, with the Google IPO pricing way below expectations and with a serious arbitrage1 showing up on the Iowa Electronic Markets, I get round to reviewing James Surowiecki’s “The Wisdom of Crowds”. I’ll save the suspense; it’s a cracking read and well worth buying....

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I enjoyed reading Cass Sunstein's review of the book as well -----

(regrettably, the review is only accessible via TNR subscription).

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