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December 17, 2004

Jonathan Weisman Pulls His Punches

Jonathan Weisman pulls his punches as he says that Bush is engaged in a "delicate balancing act":

washingtonpost.com: Changing for the Better -- or Worse?:Throughout a two-day conference on the economy, President Bush and his allies extolled the virtues of his tax cuts and "pro-growth" policies, which they said have lifted the nation from recession and propelled it well above its international economic competitors. If Washington adheres to the path of fiscal restraint while following the president's tax prescriptions, it was suggested, policymakers could secure powerful economic growth far into the future.

Yet when the subject turned to the nation's legal or Social Security systems, the picture grew suddenly dark. Frivolous lawsuits have hobbled America's businesses and have put them at the mercy of their enlightened overseas competition, administration officials said. As for federal entitlements, a rising tide of retiring baby boomers will inevitably slow economic growth and bankrupt Social Security.

"The crisis is now," Bush warned in his closing speech.

Such contradictions emerged repeatedly, pointing up the delicate balancing act that Bush faces as he tries to sell his economic proposals....

"Lying through his teeth at least half the time" seems much more appropriate than "faces a delicate balancing act."

Posted by DeLong at December 17, 2004 03:09 PM

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Brad, why the largesse? "Lying through his teeth the whole time" seems most appropriate.

Posted by: Dubblblind at December 17, 2004 08:32 PM

Yeah, if he was lying only half the time, which half was it?

Posted by: Tom at December 18, 2004 09:55 AM

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