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January 28, 2005

Economics 211 Spring 2005 Preliminary Schedule

The main Economics 211 Economic History Seminar website this spring will be at: http://repositories.cdlib.org/berkeley_econ211/


639 EVANS MONDAY 2-3:30

January 24: Organizational Meeting

January 31: David Khoudour-Casteras, Berkeley and Sciences-Po: "The Impact of Bismarck's Social Legislation on German Emigration Before World War I" (paper link)

February 7: John Wallis, U. Maryland, and Barry Weingast, Hoover: "The Financing of 19th Century Internal Improvements" (add paper link)

February 14: No Meeting

February 23: Sam Bowles, U. Mass Amherst: "The First Property Rights Revolution" (Joint with Departmental Seminar)

February 28:

March 7: Joint with Departmental Seminar

March 14: Rui Pedro Esteves, U.C. Berkeley: "Sovereign Debt in Default Before World War I"

March 28: Joint with Departmental Seminar

April 4: Peter Lindert, U.C. Davis: TBA

April 11: Joint with Departmental Seminar

April 18: Raj Arunachalam, U.C. Berkeley: "Dowries in Comparative Historical Perspective"

April 25: Roland Fryer (Joint with Departmental Seminar)

May 2: Joachim Voth, NYU and UPF: "Crowding-Out in the Industrial Revolution" (possible)

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