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February 02, 2005


I found that I couldn't watch the relatives of our war dead. It was too heartbreaking.

We could have held these just-past elections in June of 2003. We would--in the fresh glow of the overthrow of Saddam Hussein--have gotten a more pro-US Iraqi assembly than we have now. But we didn't. We have dinked around for nineteen months. We haven't spent it rebuilding Iraq. We haven't spent it maintaining civil order. We have demonstrated that 150,000 non-Arabic speaking American soldiers cannot suppress an insurgency. And over the past nineteen months we have lost 1300 dead and 7000 permanently maimed.

For what? The first 100 of our war dead died to overthrow a brutal dictator whom some in the Bush administration appear to have genuinely (but falsely) thought to be on the verge of developing nuclear weapons. The next 1300 died... for what, exactly? For what reason did we not announce the moment we entered Baghdad that the first elections would be held in two months?

Posted by DeLong at February 2, 2005 08:15 PM