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February 08, 2005

Worst OMB Director Ever

Atrios channels It Affects You:

Eschaton: Josh Bolten! From It Affects You:

Describing why costly items were left off the budget:

'The budget went to bed . . . before the president's proposals were announced.'

Or sometimes:

'But, it wouldn't be responsible for us to take a guess at what those costs are.'

In the same briefing, describing why proposals which add revenue or reduce costs were added to the budget (and the amounts guessed):

'Well, the budget is the right place to present the entirety of the president's policies, so all of his proposals are reflected in there.'"

From everything I've heard, Josh Bolten is the worst OMB Director in the history of the office--worse than David Stockman, worse than Mitch Daniels. Stockman and Daniels at least understood that the OMB Director was supposed to be the voice in the government for fiscal responsibility, even if they decided to ignore their proper role. Bolten doesn't even understand what the job is.

Posted by DeLong at February 8, 2005 10:46 AM