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February 13, 2005


We went to see the tour of "Oklahoma!":

Oklahoma!: Winner Best Musical: It is, quite simply, the show that changed the American musical forever --Rodgers & Hammerstein’s landmark musical, OKLAHOMA! On the heels of the wildly-acclaimed London and Broadway revivals, this sparkling new touring production of OKLAHOMA! is adapted from the Cameron Mackintosh presentation of the Royal National Theatre production that won the hearts of a new generation of theatergoers. ‘Oh What a Beautiful Musical!’ - NY Post. Itinerary: Oklahoma! will be in San Francisco, CA on Tue, Feb 01, 05 - Sun, Feb 13, 05.

Now they are on to Schenectady...

It was very well done--and it is great material. The people who impressed us the most were Pat Sibley as Aunt Eller, and Daniel Robinson as Will Parker.

The only other time I saw "Oklahoma!" live, I seem to remember that they played Jud Fry as an embittered man with much to be embittered about, low man on the social totem poll who has lots of revenge fantasies but would never act on them--until he gets drunk, first at the box social and then at Curly and Laurey's wedding.

This time they played Jud Fry as a psychokiller.

I'm not sure what I think of this.

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