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February 14, 2005

A Conversation About Homework

Son: "Dad?"

Dad: "Yes?"

Son: "May I have two cans of fruit?"

Dad: "Cans of fruit? Why do you want cans of fruit?"

Son: "It's for my Health homework."

Dad: "Health homework?"

Son: "I'm supposed to compare the nutrition labels on cans of fruit."

Dad (roots in cupboard): "Honey?"

Spouse: "Yes?"

Dad: "Do we have any cans of fruit?"

Spouse: "I don't think so. Do you see any?"

Dad (roots some more): "No."

Spouse: "Remember, we're California yuppies! We don't buy canned fruit!"

Daughter: "I remember how grossed out you were by the canned fruit salad in O'Hare Airport."

Spouse: "We eat our fruit fresh! Home-grown in California! Or imported from Mexico! Or in exceptional circumstances from Chile!"

Dad: "Son."

Son: "Yes?"

Dad: "You're going to have to tell your Health teacher that your parents are California yuppies. And that you couldn't do your homework."

Son: "Couldn't do my homework?"

Dad: "No. You see, California yuppies don't buy canned fruit. He'll understand."

Spouse: "There might be a can of pineapple rings in the way back of the center cupboard."

Posted by DeLong at February 14, 2005 05:15 PM