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February 14, 2005

A Conversation About Infectious Disease at the Dermatologist's

Dad: "Hello."

Receptionist: "Hello."

Dad: "My son, Dr ****'s four o'clock, is outside. He woke up this morning with a fever of 101. Should I bring him in to infect you all?"

Receptionist (cowers): "No."

Nurse: "NO!! I'm going to Hawaii on Friday!"

Dermatologist: "Yes."

Receptionist: "Yes?"

Dermatologist (shrugs): "I'm already sick. I might as well see him."

Nurse: "That's fine for you to say. You aren't going to Hawaii. You're not seeing him in here."

Dermatologist: "I'll see him in the parking lot..."

Posted by DeLong at February 14, 2005 05:18 PM