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February 26, 2005

The Little Professor: Volumes

The Little Professor counts her novels by novelist:

The Little Professor: Volumes: "a rough count.... I had time to waste this afternoon, but not that much time.  (Ergo, I have many more novels by Alcott and Bulwer-Lytton than I've actually listed here, not to mention by William Carleton and James Fenimore Cooper--who don't make the list at all.).... 38: Anthony Trollope. 35: Emily Sarah Holt. 28: Wilkie Collins. 27: Sir Walter Scott. 22: Charles Dickens. 21: Thomas Hardy. 20: George Gissing/Reginald Hill. 17: Charles Reade. 16: Benjamin Disraeli. 15: Henry James/George Meredith/W. M. Thackeray/Emile Zola. 14: Honore de Balzac/Elizabeth Rundle Charles. 12: Deborah Alcock/Edward Bulwer-Lytton/George Eliot/George MacDonald Fraser...

Two things amaze me. The first is the "16" by Benjamin D'Israeli. Is it conceivable that any twentieth and twenty-first century American president or British Prime Minister would have *time* to write sixteen novels? What kind of wheaties were these Victorian politicans eating? Speed?

The second is the "12" by George MacDonald Fraser, who is definitely *not* a Victorian novelist. (Although he is, perhaps, an anti-Victorian novelist--and quite a good one.)

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