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February 28, 2005

A Warning About Charlie Stross

He writes:

Charlie's Diary : My agent took [The Family Trade] and sold it to Tor.... Then the dread words came down from on high: 'can you split this into two volumes?' This is my sole apology to those readers who are annoyed at the abrupt ending of 'The Family Trade' -- it's the first half of the original book, splitting them so that the series would run in 300-page chunks (rather than 600-750 page doorsteps) wasn't my idea (in fact, I protested it), but in the final analysis I can only tell my publisher where to get off if I'm willing to get off (and go find another publisher -- after acquiring a reputation for being 'difficult to work with'). I appreciate the reasoning behind the decision... these are the breaks. At least the second half of the story will be in the shops in roughly twelve weeks' time.

If you start The Family Trade, you are then going to have to buy The Hidden Family (which does have a satisfactory ending).

Posted by DeLong at February 28, 2005 11:02 AM