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February 28, 2005

Can We Get CJR Campaign Desk to Use Google?

Peter Gosselin Gets Some Much-Deserved Press

You don't often hear of reporters wanting to get press, but they do, they do...

CJR Campaign Desk writes, apropos of Peter Gosselin's LA Times series on income inequality and risk:

CJR Campaign Desk: Archives: By Gosselin's own account, despite the Los Angeles Times' daily circulation of over one million, the stories generated almost no response for months. That is, until he recently sent out a link to them to a handful of liberal bloggers, including Kevin Drum, who writes the widely read 'Political Animal' blog on WashingtonMonthly.com. Drum's post, in turn, generated several other blog mentions, including one from J. Bradford DeLong.

Coincidentally, today's Wall Street Journal carries a story (subscription required) by Jackie Calmes exploring the same topic:

Critics say Mr. Bush's vision is blind to economic risks facing Americans, especially lower-income workers. William Gale, a Brookings Institution economist, dismisses the president's agenda as 'the Dismantling-the-Safety-Net Society.' Some applaud his rhetoric, but say the president's policies -- heavy on tax breaks -- don't broaden ownership, but favor the well-off. The poorest workers, exempt from income taxes, can't take advantage of any tax breaks for savings. Eugene Steuerle, a Reagan-era Treasury official now at the Urban Institute, titled a recent analysis, 'An Ownership Society, Or A Society For Those Who Already Own?'

Drum wants Gosselin's stories nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, but it's a little late for that. (Pulitzer nominations for 2004 have long since been submitted, and in fact Pulitzer jurors are busy this week poring over entries.) For his part, Gosselin is caught off-guard by the fact that his series has caught fire so long after it appeared in print to little effect.

'[T]he idea seems to be racing from cutting edge to conventional wisdom with no intervening steps,' says the bewildered author. Also from largely ignored to hot item of the day.

Hey! I've been trying to beat the drum for Peter Gosselin's series on income risk for quite a while now! Google reports that I have done so on November 16, 2004... December 12, 2004... December 31, 2004... January 5, 2005... as well as this morning!

But the fact is that I am only a flappy bird compared to the superhuman web presence that is Kevin Drum:

Google Search: gosselin site:www.j-bradford-delong.net:

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Posted by DeLong at February 28, 2005 04:40 PM