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March 02, 2005

The Basic Neoclassical Growth Theory References

The most basic neoclassical growth theory references and links:

  1. David Cass (1965), "Optimum Growth in an Aggregative Model of Capital Accumulation," Review of Economic Studies 32 (July), pp. 233-40.
  2. Peter Diamond (1965), "National Debt in a Neoclassical Growth Model," American Economic Review 55:6 (December), pp. 1126-50.
  3. Tjalling Koopmans (1965), "On the Concept of Optimal Economic Growth," in The Economic Approach to Development Planning (Amsterdam: Elsevier).
  4. David Romer (2001), Advanced Macroeconomics 2nd ed. (New York: McGraw-Hill).
  5. Robert Solow (1956), "A Contribution to the Theory of Economic Growth," Quarterly Journal of Economics 70:1 (February), pp. 65-94.

Hmmm. My guess is that Koopmans's days are numbered. There aren't that many copies of The Economic Approach to Development Planning in the world, and it doesn't seem to be on Jstor.

Posted by DeLong at March 2, 2005 02:52 PM