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April 11, 2005

A Very Welcome Return

Angelica Oung--Battlepanda (the Battlepanda?)--is back: http://battlepanda.com:

Maybe, just maybe, despite all the junk we have in our collective consciousness, a synapse will fire. Cookie...no...longer...in...cookie...jar......WHO TAKE?!

The cookie analogy continues:

Alan Greenspan in '83: Let me put this cookie away for you so you can have it for dessert later instead of ruining your dinner.

Al Gore in 2000: I wouldn't keep the cookie jar right out in plain sight if I were you.

George Bush in 2005: Oh uh! Somebody ate your cookies! Or perhaps your cookies never existed in the first place.

American people: Why preznit hand in cookie jar?

GB: To make sure this terrible terrible thing never happens again, next time we're going to keep the cookies in a jar with your name on it!

American people: (...)

Posted by DeLong at April 11, 2005 01:44 PM