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June 09, 2005

Political Invective

From the Valve:

The Valve - A Literary Organ | Ferocious Goat, or the Decline of Political Invective: Posted by Sean McCann on 06/09/05 at 01:13 PM: Ayjay worries about the declining quality of web calumny and asks us to study the masters.

Just came across this passage today, Eugene Debs on Teddy Roosevelt, January 1918:

This political pet of the plutocrats, this bogus reformer, this shreiking charlatan, this raving mountebank, this crazy-horse of Oyster Bay ranch, this blood and thunder prophet, this opera bouffe ghostdancer, this blatant quack hero, this freak of froth and foam and buncombe, this nauseating moralizer, this dysenteric scold, this chattering midwife and meddler and all-around nuisance has buncoed the people long enough and they at last know him for what he is, at least those of them who have mentality above a shell-fish, and who can tell a jibbering fraud after he has exhibited himself to them daily for a score of years.

I particularly liked "crazy-horse of Oyster Bay ranch." O, for a Debs now.

Posted by DeLong at June 9, 2005 10:11 PM