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August 08, 2005

Weekend Update: An Excellent Feature

Matthew Yglesias's "Weekend Update" is always well worth reading--and very short, too. Today it tells us that the competition for the "Stupidest Man Alive" crown is indeed fierce:

TAPPED: August 2005 Archives: WEEKEND UPDATE. Running scared from a copy of Who's Who in America? Here's what you missed:

The Columnists

Nicholas Kristof. Municipal WiFi is so great that I won't even mention the giant corportions trying desperately to kill it.

John Tierney. Who cares about global warming -- tens of millions of drowning Bangladeshis can just relocate to Canada's empty arctic regions!

David Brooks. If all this is true, does it mean conservatives should stop whining all the time?

Jim Hoagland. Now that we've lost our base in Uzbekistan, it's a good time to pretend we were strong advocates for human rights there.

David Broder. It's good to be out of D.C. in August.

George Will. Why not pretend I'm a car salesman?

The Op-Ed You Actually Need To Read

Baruch Fischhoff on responding to disaster.

John Tierney's piece is the nadir--with its closing line about how after global warming is well underway "the [polar] bears would be still around, and their charisma would be making more money for the locals, not just for the WWF fund-raisers down south." Gotta keep those WWF guys from getting as rich as hedge-fund managers off of polar-bear pictures: that's a real high priority...

George F. Will manages to say with a straight face that "Worldwide, Ford is... gaining market share. But outside America, the company is not functioning as a welfare state, paying the high costs of medical and pension benefits," without it ever crossing his toadlike mind that the reason Ford doesn't pay for health insurance for its workers in Europe is that European governments do.

Brooks, Kristof, and Hoagland are embarrassing as well.

Posted by DeLong at August 8, 2005 08:49 PM