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October 04, 2005

Columns for Project Syndicate

I have now written some forty columns for Roman Frydman, Kenneth Murphy, Andrzej Rapaczynski, and Jonathan Stein's Project Syndicate. Here they are:

America's Opposing Futures: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong40 (Will the forthcoming decline in the dollar be benign or destructive?) 200509

Houses in the Air: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong39 (Sources of America's housing boom.) 200508

Inviting the Avoidable: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong38 (The fecklessness of American politicians on the budget outlook.) 200507

Europe's Neoliberal Challenge: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong37 (How long, politically, can Europe sustain its relatively high rates of unemployment?) 200506

Economists' New World Order: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong36 (The most interesting questions economists face are beyond the reach of the Marshallian toolkit.) 200505

America's Interest Rate Puzzle: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong35 (Why are America's long-term interest rates so low?) 200504

In Search of Global Demand: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong34 (How can the world economy rebalance if America is the only consistent source of world demand?) 200503

Fiscal Follies in America and Beyond: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong33 (America's many fiscal problems) 200502

Bush's Crash Test Economics: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong32 (America's Social Security problems rank low in the list of issues that need to be confronted.) 200501

America's Coming Social Democracy?: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong31 (Rising inequality in America will provoke either a shift to Social Democracy or a new ideology to justify its economic order.) 200412

Taming Voodoo Economics: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong30 (The low quality of economic debate in the presidential election season.) 200411

Can High Oil Prices Be Good?: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong29 (The importance of conservation--and high prices to provide incentives for conservation.) 200410

Doomsday for the Dollar?: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong28 (The U.S. current account deficit.) 200409

The End of Want?: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong27 (What will the world of 2050 look like?) 200408

Welcome to the Era of Incompetence: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong26 (Will future real interest rates be high or low?) 200407

The European Economic Model Lives: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong25 (America has gained less ground relative to Europe in social welfare over the past decade than I had thought.) 200406

The Great Illusion: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong24 (Modern war is a negative-sum game.) 200405

The Coming Age of Interest: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong23 (At some point, interest rates will rise as central bankers begin to fear inflation.) 200404

America's Schizophrenic Economy: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong22 (The divergence between output and employment in America.) 200403

Protectionism Rides Again: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong21 (America starts to swing back toward protectionism.) 200402

The Richest Get Richer: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong20 (The strange inward direction of international capital flows.) 200401

The American Mirror: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong19 (America wastes its opportunity to experience continued economic boom.) 200312

Man's Fate/Man's Hope: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong18 (The next two generations are a period of extraordinary opportunity.) 200311

Robert Rubin Revisited: <http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong17 (Why was Clinton-era economic policy so sensible?) 200310

Bush's Pseudo-Conservative Revolution: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong16 (International relations is a positive-sum game.) 200309

The Weak Dollar's Impossible Strength: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong15 (Yes, the dollar will decline in value--someday. Things that are unsustainable eventually stop.) 200308

The Fragile Roots of Productivity Growth: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong14 (Why can't Europe nurture the kind of productivity growth acceleration that the U.S. has seen over the past decade?) 200307

Herbert Hoover and the Stability Pact: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong13 (Europe's growth-and-stability pact is macroeconomically harmful.) 200306

The New New Thing in Economics: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong12 (It is frightening how little progress we make in macroeconomic management.) 200305

The Roots of Islamic Backwardness: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong11 (Take education to be the key link.) 200304

Is the U.S. Economy Still in Recession?: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong10 (The odd divergence between output and employment in the American economy.) 200303

The Final Defeat of Thomas Malthus?: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong9 (The population explosion is almost over.) 200302

Lula in the Shadow of Chavez: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong8 (Trying to get Brazil onto the right track.) 200301

Atlas Slumps: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong7 (The U.S. needs to start growing rapidly to avoid a serious global recession.) 200212

The Ghosts of Economics Past: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong6 (Economic policymakers juggle sets of possible disasters, and each new theoretical consensus exposes new--or old--vulnerabilities.) 200211

America's Second Gilded Age: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong5 (The unbelievable rise in U.S. income inequality.) 200210

Neoliberalism's Argentine Failure: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong4 (Argentina implemented 80% of the neoliberal wish list in the 1990s. But that wasn't a large enough proportion to save it from disaster.) 200209

The New German Problem: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong3 (High unemployment in Germany: is it a ticking sociological time bomb?) 200208

A Double-Dip Recession for the U.S.?: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong2 (Signs of weak aggregate demand.) 200207

Down and Out in the United States: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/delong1 (The American model has very real weak spots and failures.) 200206

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