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December 09, 2005

When Microsoft Office Attacks!


macosxhints - 10.4: Avoid an Office 2004 save problem: The new version of Word has a problem when saving documents to network folders. Users with network home directories have a problem with Save or Autosave from Word 2004 11.2 (Office Service Pack 2) on OSX 10.4.2, and see an error message saying "Word cannot save this document due to a naming or permissions error on the destination volume." The first attempt to save succeeds; subsequent attempts to save, or autosave, will fail with the above error message.

The fault occurs unless a folder called .TemporaryItems has been created at the root level of any mounted volume containing the saved file; so if the user's home directory is contained in an AFP share called Homes, then there has to be a directory called .TemporaryItems in the Homes folder on the server. If the home directory is on another local volume called UserData, there has to be a directory called .TemporaryItems at the root of that volume....

This seems to fix the problem, not just for Word, but PowerPoint and the other Office apps.

Posted by DeLong at December 9, 2005 09:48 AM