July 23, 2002
Nick Denton on Comments

Another one for the clipping file...

Nick Denton

Weblogs v Comments
This is a perfect example of the failure of open discussion forums, a sour comments thread on Jason Levine's site The case: Winer v Blood. For the record, I discovered weblogs through Dave Winer, and I credit him, Romenesko and the Blogger crew for making the medium. But there's a heavy irony here: these comments [link below] are little better than a Usenet flamewar; no one is taking responsibility for the tone of the discussion; no one owns and controls the space; we're witnessing the inevitable tragedy of the conversational commons. Give me any day one writer, who attaches their reputation to a weblog, which I can choose to bookmark or ignore. And, no, there is no comments link here, nor will there be. Go blog yourself.
Winer v Blood [Queso]

Posted by DeLong at July 23, 2002 10:47 AM

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