July 28, 2002
Twelve-Year-Old Humor

Twelve-Year-Old Humor: Picture the twelve-year-old seated in the back of a summer day camp bus with the rest of his group. Picture the bus being driven by the counselor, Darryl, who is trying to park the 16-person vehicle at a swimming pool.

All of a sudden Darryl hears, from the back of the bus, "Hey! Darryl! There's a spider back here!" Others add to the chorus: "Yeah! It's a spider!" "Watch out for the spider!" "We're not kidding! It's a spider!"

I can imagine what Darryl was thinking, something about smart-ass pre-adolescents...


You see, they meant that there was a Toyota SpYder with its nose occupying the last foot or so of the parking place...

Posted by DeLong at July 28, 2002 07:46 PM | Trackback

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Toyota makes the SpYder, not Spider :)

Adam and his 94 Miata! :)

Posted by: Adam on July 29, 2002 02:48 PM
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