September 23, 2002
Let Me Apologize...

Let me apologize to all the writers of all the weblogs whose links are about to be purged. I am sorry. But ars longa, vita brevis, and the list has gotten too big and unwieldy to be useful.

Linked Weblogs as of September 23, 2002

:: Douglas Rushkoff - Weblog :: ABCNEWS: The Note Adam Curry's Weblog Amazon Light American Open Technology Consortium Amygdala Andrew Tobias - Money and Other Subjects Anita F. Dal Dan Antidotal - Economics News, Data, and Analysis ArmedLiberal Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate Ascription is an Anethma to any Enthusiasm BEA's Overview of the Economy Berkeley People: Find Them bertramonline: Home Beyond Value Investing, a Weblog Free Speech for the New Century Blog - Blog of a Bookslut Blogging News - Corante blogorrhoea Blogroots :: Home BlogStreet: Who's in your Neighbourhood? Body and Soul Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things Brad DeLong: Semi-Daily Journal Browse the 1998-2002 Economic Indicators Bruce Sterling Schism Matrix Business Cycle Dating Business Week: Daily Briefing C O R A N T E - Tech News. Filtered Daily. C. Julius Caesar's Weblog CAMP ENRON Report Caveat Lector: Reader Beware! CEA-JEC Economic Indicators Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Charlie's Diary Chuck Shotton's Logic Faults Coke Can Discourse Congressional Budget Office - Home Page Consensus at Lawyerpoint Copyfight: Intellectual Property Law, Politics and Technology on the Net. Corante. Counterspin Central: A Web Log dedicated to the poposition that no dishonest right-wing, propaganda will go unpunished, or unrefuted Create Dynamic Websites - no coding required culture data repository 1.5 CultureBooks D-squared Digest -- A fat young man without a good word for anyone Daily Howler: current articles Daily Kos: Political analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation Dan Kohn's Blog Davos Newbies Home Decodings Document Details Doug Henwood's Left Business Observer The Scene ( Economic Policy Institute El Sur Electrolite Ely and Company Eric Alterman Eschaton Ethel the Blog FAIRMODEL site Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia - Survey of Professional Forecasters FindLaw's Writ - Edward Lazarus Forwarding Address: OS X Home US Gibbon-o-Matic! Glenn Kinen GlennLog Google Guardian Haddock Blogs Hal R. Varian Home Page of Robert J. Shiller Hronkomatic I, Cringely In Passing... InstaPundit.Com Institute for International Economics Homepage International Monetary Fund, IMF, What's New Jane's Information Group John Quiggin JohnEllis Jonathan Rauch JP's Thought of the Moment Junius Just One Minute :: home of fine hypertext products Lagniappe Lawrence Lessig lawrence's notebook Liberal Arts Mafia LiberalDesert LiberalOasis Lighthouse on the Web: Table of contents LILEKS (James) The Bleat Linkstew Live from Brussels Live from the WTC Log On to Bear Facts: Berkeley Administration Website M E D I A U N S P U N Making Light Marc's Voice Mark A. R. Kleiman Matt Welch Matthew Yglesias MaxSpeak Weblog june 2002 - a weblog by meg hourihan Metafilter | Community Weblog Michael Froomkin Microcontent News, a Corante weblog Morgan Stanley Global Economic Forum -- Web Exclusives MyDDdotcom - News and Views -- National Journal Group's Policy Central NBER Working Papers Cited in the Press New Democrats Online: The Democratic Leadership Council's Online Community NewsTrolls Nick Denton Nick Kessler Nightly Business Report Noise Between Stations weblog Nouriel Roubini Nouriel Roubini's Global Macroeconomic and Financial Policy Site Objectionable Content Odlyzko Off the Pine On Lisa Rein's Radar OxBlog O'Reilly Network: Weblogs [June 20, 2002] P&F: Weblog Paul Musgrave | Weblog Physics 2000 - Table of Contents Pi Land PIMCO Bonds Politech: Declan McCullagh's technology and politics list Politics and Policy Polygon, the Dancing Bear - Jim Romenesko's Media News Premium Blend: A group weblog from the editors of Corante Project Syndicate Rafe Colburn reading & writing Rewired Rewired: Blog of a Strained Net Richard B. Freeman's Home Page RJ Julia Booksellers - Welcome! robert's random thoughts News Politics SciTech Daily Review - science, technology, future developments, innovations, implications Seb's Open Research Semantic Studios | Publications | Semantics Seth Schoen Home Shouting 'Cross the Potomac Silicon Valley Slacktivist Slate Magazine - Table of contents So, You've Read The Book? Spinsanity - Countering rhetoric with reason stating the obvious statonBlog Steve Gillmor's Radio Weblog StrategyPage SullyWatch Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall TAP: Article Database Tax Policy Center | A Project of the Urban Institute & the Brookings Institution tedbarlow The Agora The Atlantic Online The BlogMD Initiative The Bloviator The Chilicheeze Weblog The Doc Searls Weblog : Sunday, July 7, 2002 The EconoFist The Eleven Day Empire The Green[e]house Effect The Hotline The Knowledge Problem The Lefty Directory The Library of Babel The Liquid List The Nation The new Paul Krugman web page The New Republic Online: &c. The New York Times: Op-Ed Columns The Office of Tax Policy Research The Onion | America's Finest News Source%u2122 The Poor Man The Rittenhouse Review The Road to Surfdom The Roman Empire The Scrum The Sideshow The Smirking Chimp The Truth Laid Bear The Unofficial Paul Krugman Web Page This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow Through the Looking Glass Tomalak's Realm : Daily Links to Strategic Web Design News uggabugga Uncertain Principles United States Postal Service - ZIP 4 Lookup Unqualified Offerings In the Loop Weblog BookWatch Weblog Kitchen: Weblog Kitchen welcome to WERBLOG What She Really Thinks what's in rebecca's pocket? William Burton Writer of Fortune - Economic Chartbook - U.S. Home -- Data Calendar -- Reports from ZDNet: Anchordesk Home Page Zogby News! | KEN . LAYNE . DOT . CON

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"To all the blogs I've linked before:
I hope this purging won't make you sore.
Your posts weren't too strong,
And my page it got too long,
To link all the blogs I've linked before.

"To all the blogs I once did link,
Sometimes your posts made me think.
But some were quite lame,
The posts were all the same
On all the blogs I've linked before.

"My HTML's always changing
And I'm always cutting back;
My interests are too far-ranging
To link to all you sorry hacks.

"To all the blogs I've linked before:
You're not worth blogrolling for.
I'll Google you now and then,
And you can always remember when
You were one of the blogs I linked before."

Posted by: alkali on September 24, 2002 07:38 AM

I must say I was quite surprised to see that my "blog" had made it to your hall of blogging fame to begin with ;-)

But we mostly blog for ourselves, don't we?

Posted by: Jean-Philippe Stijns on September 24, 2002 12:08 PM

I'm flattered to be included. Of course, I blog for God and Country, not for myself.

No, that's wrong; I blog for myself. And hope I might amuse or interest others, as may be.

Posted by: Gary Farber on September 25, 2002 06:11 PM
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