October 27, 2002
Robert Mundell's Top Ten Benefits From Winning the Nobel Prize

John S. Irons directs us to Amateur Economist:

If you missed last night's Late Show with David Letterman, you missed Robert A. Mundell, 1999 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, read "Top Ten Ways My Life Has Changed Since Winning The Nobel Prize":

Top Ten Ways My Life Has Changed Since Winning The Nobel Prize

10. Can end almost any argument by asking, "And did you ever win a Nobel Prize?"

9. Whenever I bring it to Applebee's restaurant, I get a free plate of riblets heading my way

8. When I enter a room, I shout, "Nobel Prize winner in the hizzouse!"

7. At most 7-11s, I can get service even if I choose not to wear shoes or a shirt

6. Instead of saying, "Kiss my ass" to guys who cut me off in traffic, I now say, "Kiss my Nobel Prize-winning ass"

5. I've been banned from casinos in seven states

4. When I call K-Rock to request Aerosmith, they play Aerosmith

3. Any meaningless crap I say, the next day it's in the Wall Street Journal

2. Another Friday, another P. Diddy party

1. In Stockholm, I get more tail than Frank Sinatra

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A NB prize at Berkeley carries the extra advantage of access to Nobel only super-convenient parking spot. Now, that's a benefit knowing how parking works around Berkeley.

Posted by: Jean-Philippe Stijns on October 27, 2002 09:03 PM

Yeah, but you have to arrive on campus wicked-early to get them. The competition with other Prize-winners is murder.

As they say at the Big Game...
"Hey Stanfurd! We've got more Nobel Laureates than you!"

Posted by: Ethan on October 28, 2002 06:08 AM

I envision a snapping fingers, West side story sort of thing...

Posted by: Dennis O'Dea on October 28, 2002 12:48 PM


Please follow Brad's advice to "Use Google"! Five minutes with Google shows that Berkeley claims 8 present and 18 overall Nobel Laureates; Stanford claims 17 present and 25 overall.

The Berkeley webpage presents the list with the claim that their total trails only Harvard and Chicago; is there something about the math they teach at Berkeley that I don't know about?

Posted by: Curt Wilson on October 28, 2002 01:32 PM

They were probably only comparing themselves to leading universities.

Posted by: Dennis O'Dea on October 28, 2002 03:37 PM

Talking about maths, seems to me that Berkeley beats Stanfurd 2-1... :)

Posted by: Jean-Philippe Stijns on October 28, 2002 09:12 PM

I'm not saying it IS true. But it was, in fact, a cheer at the Big Game, as recently as the early 90's, when it WAS true.

Posted by: Ethan on October 29, 2002 06:24 AM

In justice to mathematicians, Berkeley now gives a reserved parking space to Fields Medalists. I don't know about the Nevanlinna Prize.

Posted by: Andrew Lazarus on October 30, 2002 09:21 AM
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