February 08, 2003
The Truly Excellent "In Passing"...

A web site for the short attention-span voyeur in all of us...

He's got his hand on my chin, and then he's all, 'Your teeth are so... shiny, just beautiful. Are they for real?'"

"And you're like, what seventeen year old has dentures? And if you did, how would he be hitting on you by asking about them?"

--Two girls walking past the Missing Link bike co-op.

"Is there such a thing as pre-natal parent abuse? I think she's trying to break my ribs from the inside."

--A pregnant woman talking on a cell phone outside Berkeley BART

"Did you know that cellos can get frequent flier programs? And they can get upgraded to first class? Because you have to buy a seat for your cello, you can't check it."

"I wonder if cellos get two pieces of checked baggage. Like a violin, and a viola."

--Two guys outside Triple Rock

"Well he said something like, 'This isn't the kind of help I'm paying you for.' Yeah. But he was saying it to his dog."

--A girl talking on a cell phone on Telegraph Ave

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Whoo-ah! Now if you could be a fly on the wall at the Pentagon, imagine the posting comments!

"Come on Ramona, rejoin the living and forget those video games!" Obviously "Green" parents begging their leather-jacketed 14-year old daughter to bail on the Lacey Mall.

Posted by: Yoda on February 8, 2003 12:19 PM

You remember Eastern Airlines that used to fly the WX-NYC shuttle? They guaranteed a seat for every customer, and promised they would put on an extra plane to keep the guarantee, even if for only one passenger (I offer no opinion as to how much this promise had to do with EAL's ultimte bankruptcy). Anyway, one day the NY Philharmonic took the shuttle and sure enough, they bought a seat for the cello. I always wondered -- would EAL have put on an exta plane, if necessary, for the cello?

Posted by: jda on February 9, 2003 09:57 AM
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