February 11, 2003

Uh-oh. It looks as though we have a corrupted database. I'm going to move new posts over to a new Movable Type installation while I figure out what to do... Brad DeLong...

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January 19, 2003
Topic Drift in Comments

Looking back over the comments, it seems to me that they suffer at times from excessive topic drift. I've had a bunch of complaints that clicking on "comments" links gets one a discussion that has very little to do with the post... So I'm going to start pruning topics not just for personal attacks on other participants in the discussion, and not just for gross misrepresentations of matters of fact, but also for germaneness. As always, the decision of the...

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January 13, 2003
Consequences of Linkrot

The first lesson is that linkrot is incredibly rapid. The second lesson is that it thus becomes critically important not just to link but to quote--and to quote extensively. The third lesson is that not even fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency can defeat linkrot. If you want your links to be worth anything in two, three, or five years, download *all* the pages you're linking to to your hard disk. Idle Words: I've been working with some of the many...

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October 16, 2002
Eaten Comments

I regret to announce that, in gross breach of website policy, movable type has taken upon itself to eat the comments on three posts: Dwight Meredith Is Unhappy with Michael Kelly Tits on a Peacock Failures of Our Educational System I assure you that the software has been punished severely, and will be punished even more severely in event of a repeat of its misbehavior. Now to try to resurrect the comments (or some of them) from backups......

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September 23, 2002
Let Me Apologize...

Let me apologize to all the writers of all the weblogs whose links are about to be purged. I am sorry. But ars longa, vita brevis, and the list has gotten too big and unwieldy to be useful. Linked Weblogs as of September 23, 2002 :: Douglas Rushkoff - Weblog :: ABCNEWS: The Note Adam Curry's Weblog Amazon Light American Open Technology Consortium Amygdala Andrew Tobias - Money and Other Subjects Anita F. Dal Dan Antidotal ArgMax.com - Economics News,...

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July 23, 2002
Nick Denton on Comments

Another one for the clipping file... Nick Denton Weblogs v Comments This is a perfect example of the failure of open discussion forums, a sour comments thread on Jason Levine's site The case: Winer v Blood. For the record, I discovered weblogs through Dave Winer, and I credit him, Romenesko and the Blogger crew for making the medium. But there's a heavy irony here: these comments [link below] are little better than a Usenet flamewar; no one is taking responsibility...

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July 16, 2002
A Policy on Politeness, on Acceptable Comments, and on Other Matters

I'm not surprised that I have to do this: civility and politeness are always in short supply on the internet, for complicated ape-psychology reasons that I do not fully understand. But it turns out that I do have to declare and enforce policies. Hence these notices: 1. Comments on this website will be polite to me and to other commentators, or their comments will be deleted. Further steps will be taken against repeat offenders. I think that this is an...

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