Potential Sidebars on the E-conomy


The Technology Tsunami

Moore's Law

The Relative Speed of the Information-Processing Revolution

The Price of Computers Has Fallen More than Ten Thousand-Fold in a Single Generation

Volume of Semiconductor Production

Productivity in Information Technology in the 1990s


The Build-Out of the Internet

Standard Modem Technology Proved Capable of Extraordinary Improvement

The U.S. in 1997 Had One Internet Computer for Every Twenty-Three People

More than 60 Million Computers Are Now on the Internet


The Internet and American Economic Growth

The Direct Contribution of Computers to GDP Has Become Large

The Size of the Internet Economy (as Seen From U. Texas)

Size of the Internet Economy

Trade in Information Technology



Federal R&D Spending


The Need for Inclusion

The American Distribution of Income Is Now More Unequal