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Econ 101b: Fall 1999

J. Bradford DeLong; Jean-Philippe Stijns


Lecture: TuTh 2-3:30; Cory 241

Sections: MW 4-5, Wheeler 210; MW 5-6, Evans 47

Brad DeLong's Office Hours: Tuesday 11-2, Evans 601

Section Page


Logistics Page--Course Procedures and Requirements


Tues. Aug. 24

What Macroeconomics Is

Thur. Aug. 26, Tues. Aug. 31

Introduction and Course Logistics

Thur. Sep. 2: NO LECTURE

Problem Set 1 out (on internet, and at Evans 602)

Tues. Sep. 7

How Economists Think

To Be Covered in Section

The National Income and Product Accounts--and Other Sources of Data

Thur. Sep. 9

The Theory of Economic Growth I

  • Reading: Textbook Draft, ch. 4: The Theory of Economic Growth
  • Problem Set 1 (Data) due.

Tues. Sep. 14

The Theory of Economic Growth II

Thur. Sep. 16

The Growth and Development of the American Economy

  • Reading: Textbook Draft, ch. 5

Tues. Sep. 21

The World Distribution of Income and Wealth

Thur. Sep. 23

The Likely Future of Economic Growth

Tues. Sep. 28

The Full Employment Economy: Production, Consumption, and Investment

Thur. Sep. 30

The Full Employment Economy: Government Purchases and Trade

  • Problem Set 5 out.

Tues. Oct. 5

The Full Employment Economy: Equilibrium and Responses to Shocks

Thur. Oct. 7

The Full Employment Economy: Money, Prices, and Inflation

  • Reading: Textbook Draft, ch. 8

Tues. Oct. 12

Pre-Midterm Review


Tues. Oct. 19: NO CLASS

Thur. Oct. 21

The Unemployment Economy: Introduction

Tues. Oct. 26

The Unemployment Economy: The Keynesian Cross

  • Reading: Textbook Draft, ch. 9

Thur. Oct. 28

The Unemployment Economy: The IS Curve

Tues. Nov. 2

The Unemployment Economy: Demand for Money and the LM Curve

  • Reading: Textbook Draft, ch. 10, 11

Thur. Nov. 4

The Unemployment Economy: Aggregate Demand, Production, and Unemployment


Tues. Nov. 9

Price Adjustment: The Phillips Curve

Thur. Nov. 11

Supply. Shocks. Policy: Understanding Recent Events: Demand, Unemployment, and Inflation


Tues. Nov. 16

Policy: Monetary and Fiscal Policy I

Thur. Nov. 18

Policy: Monetary and Fiscal Policy II

  • Reading: Textbook Draft, ch. 13
  • Problem Set 7 (Phillips Curve and Expectations) due.

Tues. Nov. 23

Policy: Debt and Deficits

Thur. Nov. 25: NO CLASS

Tues. Nov. 30

Policy: International Exchange Rate Regimes

  • Reading: Textbook Draft, ch. 15

Thur. Dec. 2:

Final Review

Tues. Dec. 7: NO CLASS

Thur. Dec. 9: FINAL EXAM 12:30-3:30 PM: 110 BARROWS

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