Created 8/28/1995
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History--Econ 210a Syllabus


Introduction to Economic History

Brad DeLong and Jan de Vries
Fall Semester 1995; Wednesday 10-12


30 August (de Vries) Introduction

6 September (de Vries) Population Growth and Economic Change

13 September (DeLong) Modern Economic Growth

20 September (de Vries) Agriculture

27 September (de Vries) European Commerce and Foreign Trade

4 October (de Vries) The Industrial Revolution in Britain

11 October (de Vries) The Shifting Pace of European Industrialization: Technology, Institutions, Policies

18 October In-Class Midterm

25 October (DeLong) Growth in the 20th Century

1 November (DeLong) International Markets and Institutions

8 November (DeLong) The Very Short "American Century"

15 November (DeLong) Distribution

22 November (DeLong) The Coming of the Great Depression

29 November (DeLong) Depression and Recovery

4 December Paper Due

6 December (DeLong) The Post-World War II Growth Miracle

14 December Final Exam


Created 8/28/1995
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