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Econ 210a: Fall 1997

Introduction to Economic History

J. Bradford DeLong (Office hours fall 1997: W 1:30-3:30)
Christina D. Romer
(Office hours fall 1997: W 1:30-3:30)

Our teaching evaluation ratings for this course were... very high. That made us very, very happy: it is very nice when one works very hard at a course and it turns out well

Course Logistics:

Possible paper topics:

Final Exam:


Week 1: Introduction and Organization (August 27)

Week 2: Measuring Economic Growth (September 3)

Week 3: Pre-Industrial Growth (September 10)

Week 4: Markets, Trade, and Growth (September 17)

Week 5: The Industrial Revolution (September 24)

Week 6: Exceptional America (October 1)

Week 7: Slavery and American Economic Growth (October 8)

Week 8: International Migration (October 15)

Week 9: Capital Formation and Financial Markets (October 22)

Week 10: The Organization of Industrial Production (October 29)

Week 11: The Gold Standard and the Great Depression (November 5)

Week 12: Responses to Depression and the Coming of the Welfare State (November 12)

Week 13: Twentieth Century Fluctuations (November 19)

Week 14: Global Growth Patterns: (November 26)

Week 15: Twentieth Century Growth: Successes and Failures (December 3)


Brad DeLong's notes (uninteresting)


Created 3/5/1997
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