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Economics 211: Economic History Seminar

Spring 2002

Organizer: Brad DeLong, delong@econ.berkeley.edu
Place: 639 Evans Hall
Time: 2-3:30 PM, Mondays*

January 28 Organizational Meeting
February 4 No Seminar
February 11 Guillaume Daudin, Stanford and LSE, "Trade and Growth in 18th Century France
February 20, Wednesday, 608-7 JOINT WITH DEPARTMENTAL SEMINAR: Ruzena Bajcsy, Joseph Hellerstein, and Hal Varian, "The CITRIS Project"
February 25 Mar Rubio, U.C. Berkeley, "Historical Environmental Accounting for Oil Producers"
March 4 Peter Temin, MIT, "Teacher Quality and the Future of America"
March 6, Wednesday, 608-7 JOINT WITH DEPARTMENTAL SEMINAR: David Autor, "Women, War, and Wages: The Impact of Female Labor Supply on the Wage Structure at Mid-Century
March 20, , Wednesday, 608-7 JOINT WITH DEPARTMENTAL SEMINAR: Chuck Manski, TBA
March 25 Spring Vacation
April 1 No Seminar
April 10, Wednesday, 608-7 JOINT WITH DEPARTMENTAL SEMINAR: Eddie Lazear, TBA
April 15 Intaek Han, Berkeley, "Origins of State Deposit Insurance"
April 24, Wednesday, 608-7 JOINT WITH DEPARTMENTAL SEMINAR: George Akerlof, "Behavioral Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Behavior"
April 29 No Seminar
May 6 Hans-Joachim Voth, "The German Stock Market in 1927"

*Afterwards we will adjourn to Brewed Awakening (northside of Euclid near Hearst) for coffee.

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counterparty contagion: the failure of state banks in the 1930s

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