Created 5/12/1998
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The Job Market for Economists

25 graduate students enrolled in the Economics graduate program at the University of California in the fall of 1991.

As of the late spring of 1997:

24% had withdrawn from the program (16% had withdrawn early--in the first year and a half).

16% were still attempting to proceed through the program (including 4% who had left but hope to return).

60% had finished the program and found jobs--either had completed their Ph.D.'s, had taken a more than one-year job without completing their Ph.D.'s hoping to finish, or had taken a more than one-year job and decided that ABD status was acceptable.

The jobs held by this 60% of the entering class were:


  • Visiting Professor, Universita Pompeu Fabra
  • Assistant Professor of Finance and Economics, Rutgers U.
  • Assistant Professor, U.C. Irvine
  • Assistant Professor, U. of Buenos Aires and CEDES
  • Assistant Professor, Cornell U.
  • Assistant Professor, U. Southern California
  • Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Demography, U.C. Berkeley


  • Staff Economist, World Bank
  • Staff Economist, General Accounting Office
  • Research Economist, Bank of Italy
  • Staff Economist, U.S. Department of Justice
  • Mortgage Consulting Group, San Francisco, CA
  • Microsoft, Redmond, WA
  • [undecided] (between two offers)

Conclusion: If you make it through the first two years of the Berkeley Economics Ph.D. program, then your chances of landing a tenure-track job (or the equivalent non-academic job--World Bank Young Professionals Program, DOJ Staff Economist, etc.) within seven years after beginning the program are more than 70%...

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