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Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 11:28:58 -0800
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From: Bradford DeLong <jbdelong@uclink.berkeley.edu>
Subject: Proposed Reading Course in European Economic History...

Since there is no Graduate European Economic History course this year, and since Trevon Logan wants one, we will be meeting at Nefeli Mondays, 11-12, to do such a reading course. All are welcome...

Proposed Schedule

February 11: The First World Economy: Barry Eichengreen and Marc Flandreau, eds., _The Gold Standard in Theory and History_; Kevin O'Rourke and Jeffrey Williamson, _Globalization and History_; Barry Eichengreen, _Globalizing Capital_, pp. 1-92

February 25: Financial Crises: John Kenneth Galbraith, _The Great Crash_; Aurel Schubert, _The Credit-Anstalt Crisis_; Barry Eichengreen, _Toward a New International Financial Architecture: A Practical Post-Asia Agenda_

March 11: Reconstructing Post-WWII Europe: Barry Eichengreen and Marc Uzan, "The Marshall Plan"; Peter Hall, ed., _The Political Power of Economic Ideas_, J. Bradford DeLong and Barry Eichengreen, "The Marshall Plan: History's Most Successful Structural Adjustment Program"; Alan Milward, _The Reconstruction of Western Europe_ pp. 56-89, 462-502; Barry Eichengreen, _Globalizing Capital_, pp. 93-135.

March 25: The Inflation of the 1970s: J. Bradford DeLong, "America's Peacetime Inflation"; Michael Bordo and Anna Schwartz, "Monetary Policy Regimes and Economic Performance"; Clarida and Gertler, "How the Bundesbank Conducts Monetary Policy"; Eichengreen, _Globalizing Capital_, pp. 136-192; Romer and Romer, ????; Orphanides, ????

April 8: "Transition from Communism" in Central Europe: Hans-Werner Sinn, "Germany's Economic Unification"; Richard Ericson, "The Classical Soviet-Type Economy"; Wolfgang Keller, "From Socialist Showplace to Mezzogiorno?"; Jennifer Hunt, "Why Do People Still Live in East Germany?"; Simon Johnson and Andrei Shleifer, "Coase vs. the Coasians"

April 22: TBA (possibly The Age of Central Bankers): Christina Romer and David Romer, eds., _Reducing Inflation: Motivation and Strategy_; Paul Volcker and Toyoo Gyohten, _Changing Fortunes_; Herbert Stein, _Presidential Economics_